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Ella's Polar Bear Pendant

Ella's Polar Bear Pendant

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If you follow me on social media, you will probably be aware that I sail.  I first met Ella when she was the instructor for my RYA sail training. She impressed me as a very confident and dedicated person.

Ella has an incredible vision: to circumnavigate the Arctic single handed to highlight how climate change is damaging the Arctic and the life of Polar Bears particularly.

This lovely Polar Bear pendant has been designed to help Ella achieve her goal. I will be donating the profit from the sale of each Polar Bear pendant to 'Ella in the Arctic'. This pendant has been hand made in my Isle of Wight Studio from sterling silver, using traditional jewellery techniques.  The bear is 2.5cm long and 2cm high.  It comes hanging on an 18in/45cm sterling silver chain and nestling in a pretty gift box, first class postage is free.

It makes an ideal gift, especially with Christmas on the horizon!

This design is a limited edition in support of 'Ella in the Arctic'.

Ella is a 26 year old RYA accredited YachtMaster Instructor - one of the youngest women to hold such a high-level of instructor license. She now wants to put all the skills she has learnt to the test, while undertaking a solo-sailing adventure that will push her to her limits - mentally, emotionally, and physically. She feel passionately about how climate change is impacting our oceans, and wants to bring awareness to the fact while embarking on this adventure.

The fact this trip can even be considered as feasible is testament to how quickly our Arctic ice is melting. It will be a record-setting sail for a young woman to single-hand circumnavigate what has long been considered one of the most unreachable parts of the planet. This is why she feels like it must be done - many people do not fully comprehend that the fact this route can and will be sailed by one person alone, is in itself part of the problem. 

As the Earth heats up and the ice disappears, scientists estimate that two-thirds of polar bears could be wiped out by 2050Climate change has already removed at least 75 percent of Arctic summer sea ice volume at rates never before experienced in human history. Soon, the Arctic Ocean will be like other oceans for much of the year: open water that is exposed to exploitation and environmental destruction. Despite the Arctic Ocean’s unique vulnerabilities, it is still the least protected of all the world’s oceans. Less than 1.5 percent has any form of protected area status. The high seas of the Arctic — which belong to no single nation — are under no form of protection.

Ella is not affiliated in any manner with Polar Bears International or any of its programs, websites or projects. She is an admirer of the work that Polar Bears International is accomplishing, and got in touch to explain what she is trying to achieve through this voyage. She has the support of Polar Bears International and is excited to fundraise for them throughout, and after, her circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle. 

Ocean Conservancy not only are working to raise awareness about the loss of the Arctic sea ice and the impact this will have on the Arctic ecosystem, but they are also striving to implement increasingly important shipping regulations in Arctic waters, to pre-empt the risk of oil spills in remote parts of the Arctic, and to stop risky offshore oil drilling. They work with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as the Arctic nations and permanent participants at the Arctic Council. 

Ella is not affiliated with Ocean Conservancy, their website, projects or programs. She agrees firmly with their ideals and morals about regulating shipping traffic throughout the Arctic. She reached out to the non-profit about raising awareness for their work, as well as fundraising for them during her sail, and was thrilled when they agreed to be a part of her upcoming journey. 




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