Botanical Statement Necklaces

Incredibly detailed lifelike botanical necklaces hand forged in sterling silver, each is a one of a kind unique celebration of nature.  Perfect future heirlooms for special occasions like weddings, or everyday if that takes your fancy!
I can make you a botanical necklace of your own favourite flowers but see below for a few commissions I've made previously.
To discuss your own bespoke botanical necklace email Kim today
Buttercups, Bluebells, Dog Rose, Snake's Head Fritillary and Forget-me-Nots
PyracanthaOak, Japanese Anemone, Rose Hips and Blackberries
Bespoke Floral Collection
Sweet Peas, Forget-me-Nots, Dog Rose, Wild Strawberry, Poppy and solid gold Ear of Corn
Bespoke Autumn
Pyracantha, Oak, Blackberries, Rose Hips, Grass of Parnassus
The Bees Favourite Flowers Necklace
Valarian, Foxgloves, Poppy, Mallow and Lavender 
Pussy Willow, Twisted Hazel , Hellebore, Snowdrop and mistletoe
Crocosmia, Lisianthus, Hydrangea, Arum Lily, Honeysuckle
'Passion Flower'
18ct 'Gold Poppy' Torque
Poppy and Daisy hand forged statement necklace
'Quince Pear and Apple Blossom' necklace