Redesign Sentimental Jewellery

Capture your own unique family story and have sentimental jewellery no longer worn redesigned into a piece you will love and cherish, holding dear memories of times and people close.

I specialise in commissions and remodelling heritage jewellery.
It is an honour to make such truly personal pieces, giving new life to treasured sentimental jewellery.  Whether I am melting down the gold or using treasured gemstones, I have great respect for the importance of each individual commission. 
I will talk you through the very personal process of having a unique piece made especially for you and after a consultation (in person or online) with you I will create initial watercolour designs that you can then discuss further with me before a final design is decided upon.
The ring below was designed around the large moonstone cabochon that my client already owned.
;commission watercolour design sketch with gold and gemstonesFinished commission gold floral cluster ring set with moonstone cabochon


If you are interested in learning more about having a piece remodelled please just ring me on 07833177194 for a chat and I will talk you through the process.  Alternatively simply email me. 

These are examples of redesigns I have previously made.  Each ring tells a very personal story.


The fire opal and heritage diamonds ring

The Abyssinian princess diamond ring incorporating the gold rings from three dear family members, keeping a sense of continued history alive

The heritage diamond update ring

The 22ct wedding ring update

The re-designed engagement and wedding ring set with a forest feel

The redesign incorporating three heritage rings

The chunky wedding ring redesign with two colour gold

The heritage diamond updated

Set of three multi colour gold floral rings celebrating children, willow, blossom and oak